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Name:Acne pen
Acne pen

A kind of new magic device whole acne treatment.

Acne treatment pen
This product adopts 3 kinds of special wave-length LED light therapy and heating therapy for preventing acne, inflame, break out, helping to remove acne, helping to heal acne wound, helping to removal acne scar, preventing acne relapse. Special for treat mild/moderate inflame acne.
Blue light green light red light

The technology which product adopts has been proved by the third lab, 90% healing, and 100% has effect. Blue light for helping removal acne, red light for helping healing acne, helping reduce red mark after acne cured, green light for reducing sebum excess excrete, and shrink pores. Our company has organized people to test the device and got good result.
The technology which product adopts light and heating therapy are physical therapy that safe, non invasive, no side effect. And now and future as the trend of beauty product is safe, no side effect, no chemical pollution, no toxicity
Red light: Wave length 635nm
Green light: Wave length 560nm
Blue light: 415nm
Working temperature: 44-48 degree Celsius
Environment temperature: -30 - 60 degree Celsius
Power supply: 3V, 2PCS AA battery.

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