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Name:Fat Analyzer
Fat Analyzer

Mini Hand Held BMI Body Fat Monitor with 5 Fat Levels for Reference

Adopting the body impedance principle, this kind of hand held body fat monitor can test your calorie and show the BMI data. You can test your body fat rate by inputting your Height, Age, Weight and Gender. It has a memory of 9 person's information, so picking up one of these products is a good choice for you to improve the health of your family.

Main Features:
- To test body fat according to body impedance principle
- Input Height, Age, Weight, Gender to test body fat rate
- Test Calorie, show BMI data
- Show standard 5 Fat Levels for reference
- Can read the data after 6 seconds
- Total memory of 9 person's information
- Use hands to test, easy to use, small type, easy to carry

Advantages of Hand-held Measuring:
- Can Get Exact Data: The measurements include subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, total body fat. In obesity, Apple Shape means the fat accumulated in upper body from abdomen; Pear Type means the fat accumulated in down body from waist. Being too fat will damage your body, so testing body fat is very important.
- Small Change for Measured Value by the Day: Body hydration always change in the day, so it will impact the body fat percentage, but there is a little change for hand hydration, so it will lessen the impact for body fat if using hand to measure.
- Adopting the Body Impedance Principle: Muscle contains more blood water that can conduct electricity, but the fat is non-conductive. We will know the weight of the muscles from the degree of difficulty of the current through the muscle, so measure the person who has more muscle or more fat

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