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Name:Ultrosonic Face Beauty Bar
Ultrosonic Face Beauty Bar

Give your skin an ultimate new look!
The Photon Ultrasound Beauty Massager combines ultrasonic massage and photon radiance functions. it is a ideal beauty device to do skin care at home. Ultrasonic waves head vibrates a million times per second. So it activates revitalization cycle of skin and metabolism of mother cells. It has 3 major functions: Skin massaging; Skin Revitalization; skin cleaning;  With rechargeable function, it is more convenient to use without cord.
Green Light(525+-3nm):
suite for combination skin. It can improve the skins condition by alternating the use of cells and oxygen and activate the micro-circulation of the skin.
Red Light (625+-3nm):
the skin penetration of 8-10mm and is suitable for all skin types. The red light reaches down to the dermis layer of the skin to stimulate fibers cells. The warmth created also improves blood circulation and collagen to reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth.

Blue Light(465+-3nm)::
blue LEDs emit high-intensity blue light. Blue light is often used by dermatologists to fight skin conditions including acne. Blue wavelengths may help to activate bacteria-fighting porphyrins in skin tissue. Suitable for sensitive and oily skin types and effectively decreases acne.
Function and results:
1)skin massaing
Generally speaking, when apply the cosmetics onto our face, the facial skin can only adsorb 7% ingredients. While through ultrasonic high frequency vibration, skin care products can penetrate right down to the bottom layer of skin. As well, blood circulation can be promoted to achieve skin improvement.
2) Skin Revitalization

Ultrasonic massager stimulates melanin separated from light color cells to go into blood vessel or lymphatic vessel. It makes skin lighter naturally by removing melanin from epidermis and dermis. it protects skin from aging and losing moisture.
3) Skin cleansing
Cover a piece of cotton pad on the ultrasonic head, Its high frequency ultrasonic wave makes sebum inside skin much softer and easier to be picked out and helps the skin pores become cleaner.
How to use this device?
Turning ON / OFF:
Press "ON/OFF" button, either to turn ON or OFF the Photon Ultrasound Beauty Massager.
Wave Intensity Control / Vibration Function:
Press "Sonic" button to select Low, Middle or High ultrasound intensity.
Press "Photon" button to select and activate Red, Blue, Green LEDs, and to turn off LEDs.
Using Area: Face
Material: ABS, stainless steel
Device Size 17*4.6*5cm


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