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Name:Mobile Phone Ring Stent
Mobile Phone Ring Stent


1. Clean dirt and dust of phone or iPad at the part to be pasted.
2. Remove the protective film of the product, and past it up to the object.
3. Press softly by hand to ensure stickness.
4. When need to remove the product, please shell off from edge firstly, the uncover completely.

1. Net Weight: 30g
2. Maximum cohesive force: 4~6kg (Test data, non-guaranteed data)
3. Reusable, Non-remaining trace, a new powerful washable adhesive.
4. The ring can be revolve in either horizontal direction 360° Or vertical direction 180° .
5. Assorted colors can be chosen.
6. Suitable for most of the digital mobile products etc. 3C products in the market.

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