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Name:High Potential Regimen Apparatus
High Potential Regimen Apparatus
Product Description
High Electrical Potential Regimen Apparatus/ Biocell charger/body massager
Model No. SWT-200

Four functions:
1) High electric potential
2) Magnetic Potential
3) Heat Potential
4) Infrared Potential
Power: 220V±50Hz(110V, subject to the nameplate labeled on the equipment
Power Consumption: =100W
Timing: 30 minutes ±30 minutes
Warm Roast temperature (optional):
High: 45 degrees
Medium: 40 degrees
Low: 30 degrees, (±3 degrees)
Output voltage:
High-grade: 20KV. Medium-grade: 15KV. Low-grade: 9KV, (± 20%).
Automatic adjustment for high-grade, medium-grade and low-grade, circulation frequency 30 seconds.
Treatment side heavy-load: 120kg
Use environment: Humidity: 5 degrees to 40 degrees humidity: =80%
Atmospheric pressure range: 500~1060hPa
Storage environment: Temperature: 0 degrees to 40 degrees humidity: =80%
Atmospheric pressure range: 500~1060hPa
1 adopt micro controller to control, stable treatment performance, low failure rate.
2 high-voltage generating device is manufactured by adopting special techniques, which improve the stability and security of the complete machine as well as features with high-voltage alternating electric field, infrared multiple functions.
3 simple manipulation, intuitive, easy to grasp.
4 features with perfect security protection system on the complete machine, the treatment process is safe and comfortable.
5 rational structure of the complete machine with beautiful sculpt.

Promote metabolism .regulate autonomic nerve and restore the function of brain cell,improve the blood supply for heart-cerebral blood vessel.promote the blood circulation ,regulate blood vessel tension ,lower blood viscosity ,and improve athersoosis and so on.Using high-temperature warm roast+high potential therapy can attain very effective treatment effect for the therapy on the sole of the foot.

Strong box and handbag packing
High Electrical Potential Regimen Apparatus


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