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Name:Dual Detox Foot Spa with Belts
Dual Detox Foot Spa with Belts


1. seeing the obvious effect in only 30 minutes.
2. Giving aid to cure beriberi.
3. Increasing the vigor of cells by the way of the ion's infiltration.
4. Improving some diseases such as edema rheumatism,arthralgia and row of poison of the liver.
5. Pure physical row of poison,no side effect.Quick and obvious effect.
6. Deeply Recuperating gynecological symptoms.Effective for whitening Anti-wrinkle .
7. Promote metabolism;enhance autoimmunity;improve anti-disease ability;release us from sub-health status and recuperate body from disease to young blood.
8. Reduce blood sugar;regulate blood fat and blood pressure;release symptoms such as gout rheumatism arthritis and traumatic injury as well as enhance immunity;
9. Condition endocrine system via negative ions conciliate Yin Yang;balance PH of body ensure the normal working of all systems&organ and safeguard our health.
10. Strengthen the quality of the body .Prevent all kinds of pathology. Recover from sub-health to good condition of health.

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