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Name:Massage Hammer with 7 Heads Changeable
Massage Hammer with 7 Heads Changeable
Product Description
* Overheat preventing device to ensure safety
SWT-28 Massage Hammer

Product introduction:

1. Powerful massage with high frequency vibration; Can eliminate exhaustion instantly.

2. Promote circulation of blood and energy with far infrared ray thermotherapy

3. Stepless speed adjustment freely control strength

4. World advanced magnetic wave treatment completely prevent sub-health

5. Vibrating, Massage, Far infrared, Magnetic

6. with 7 changeable massage heads

* Full Body Close Infrared Massager
* 7 massage heads with different strength of pression.
* Massage Infrared Heat Therapy ;Fats burning, accelerate blood circulation, dissolve partial ache
* 2-level(high and low speed) slip switch
* Several change able massage heads, it is convenient to point to press the palm presses 

1.Star comb massage head
Specifically for human face skin and delicate design, can prevent facial skin aging. To reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and luster, and make the dirt within the pores more easily passed.
2.Cylindrical massage heads
Specific point of the body massage with precision, relax, relax muscles, relieve fatigue, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, stopping pain, relieve symptoms and plastic reset function.
3.Concave head massage
Have two peaks concave design, more close to massage area, specifically for the human ankle, elbow, joint, spine,cervical vertebra joint connection parts for massage, can effectively ease muscle paralysis, joint pain

4. 4 head massage head
Four end of the soft silica gel ball needle massage head can relieve the joint fire caused by knee to numb the pain when the symptom, but also on the abdomen, thigh fat and massage
5.Soft silica gel comb massage head
Specifically for the human face can be designed skin massage, can prevent facial skin aging, reduce wrinkles,increase skin elasticity and luster, increase skin elasticity and luster, and make the pores in the dirt more easily passed.
6.Close needle massage head
Specifically for the body's waist, hips, thighs, shoulders and deplete the body of excess energy, promoting fat decomposition, hip and waist effect, is one of the most fashionable women preferred product family shape.


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