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Name:Neck Massage Pillow
Neck Massage Pillow

Massage theory

Massage provides a roadmap of stress areas in your body. Many times people don't know how much stress they're carrying until they have a good massage; then they're able to feel it and let it go. Effective massage helps to ease or even eliminate the stress.
1. With fashion and smart design, is good companion for car, office and home use;
2. Designed with line-controller ON/OFF to start the machine;
3. DC12V switching power and cigarette lighter supplied( car plug);
4. Using at Lumbar, waist,thigh, arm ,neck, leg, stomach or any other position you want;
5. Mini kneading massage with two massage modes;
6. With heating function when the pillow is positive moving;
7. Power by both DC12V adapter and car plug.
8. 4 built-in massage balls
9. Combination of kneading and pinching
10. Moxibustion heat wave automatic reversing feature
11. Slim body easy carrying
12. Easy to use absolute safe


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