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Name:AB Gymnic Belt Massager
AB Gymnic Belt Massager

Features of ab gymnic massage belt:

1.Fat burning and reduce weight.
2.Improve blood circulation and metabolism, prolong tissue ageing.
3.Activate skin cell, improve sebaceous gland exudation,
4.smooth the skin and improve elasticity
5.Remove fatigue, release pressure and prevent flabby muscle.
6.Bioelectricity impulse massager
7.Massage modes: tapping, massaging, kneading, etc.



  1Speed & Strength: 10 levels.
2.Accessories: 1* long belt,1*main machine, 2 electrode pads , 1 connection line and 1*free gel.
3.Power: 3V (2 x AAA batteries).
4.Unit box Size: 26*14.8*5.
5.Unit Weight: 325g.
6.Packing: Color box.

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