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Name:Latest Alcohol Tester for iPhone
Latest Alcohol Tester for iPhone

Alcohol breath tester for iphone

New! For iPhone Alcohol Tester With LCD Digital Display

This product is a alcohol tester designed for iPhone/iPad/iPod, it's small, exquisite and delicate design, it is so easy to carry!

1. Adopting new gas detection technology, which can detecting the more actual alcohol content of gas

2. LCD digital display, which can make detection more ocular &more efficient

3. With unique detector, which can effectively identify cigarettes, coke, coffee smells and prevent non alcohol gas to interfere the detecting result.

4. With voice alarm function, when alcohol content is excess, the buzzer will alarm automatically alert

5. It powered by iPhone, just connect it to iPhone for use. It is also compatible with iPod, iPad.

6. No need to use blowpipe, just blow into air hole, this way is healthy and clean.

How to use:

1. Please connect this product to iPhone, then unlock iPhone, then press switch of tester for a long time till tester alert short buzzing at the same time, LCD screen will appear matching indicator;

2. Sate 'warm up' number can jump from 10 to 0, at this time, it will finish preheat procedure;

3. When blow 10 seconds countdown, please close to the tester's air hole and blow for 3 to 5 seconds, after finishing countdown, display screen will show the test result.

4. If test report can reach to the scope below, "Caution" will show.

5. If test report can reach to the scope below, "Danger" will show

Product Feature
Pocket BreathAlcohol Tester For iPhone/iPad/iPod
1. LCD digital display
2. Small, exquisite, delicate design
3. Powered by iPhone/iPad/iPod

Also has black color


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