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Name:Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Product Description
SWT-520 Portable Homeuse Nebulizer Advantage


1)Easy to operate.Easiest operate process,with pouring in medicine,turn on button.

It will automatically set at 10/20 minutes,without professional knowledge.


2)Portable and lightweight.With device only weighs 160g,just same size as Coca-cola.

It is up to you whether you put it in your handbag or at your hands,even for shopping and business.

3)Adjustable atomized content.Two different modes to adjust.Press Mode button and enter into low,middle and high mode,very convenient to switch atomized content.



4)Ultalow noise.Approaching to zero noise,more quiet during atomization,without disturbing sweet dream of your lovely baby.


5)Multifunctional choice for beauty.When you need not to use the device as atomization function,it can also be used as nebulizer for women's beauty.



4. Portable Homeuse Nebulizer Accessory

Portable Homeuse Nebulizer with CE

List:One piece of Host+One piece of DC 12V Transformer+Two pieces of Mask(Big&Small)+Two piece of Rodent spigot+5 pieces of Medicine cup+One piece of Instruction


Please check whether the configuration is in line with the statement before using the product,if not compatible,please contact with the dealer to replace immediately.


Attention:the machine body will got damage when there is no water in medicine cuo and water vessel.



5. Portable Homeuse Nebulizer Usage:


1)Sterilizer medicine cup,mask and mouthpiece with 10%-205 saline water before using.

2)Add water in water vessel before turning the switch ON,add purified water or water-soluble medicines liquid in the medicine cup.

A.Take away the baffle-type cover together take out the soft glue gasket.

B.Add water in water vessel which parallels the latex ring is available,

C.Add the atomized liquid into medicine cup,put into the water vessel.(Medicine Cup Midine is 10 ml)

D.Cover with the baffle-type cove.


Tips:Atomization volume and time of timing is slightly different which depends on the consisitance of the atomized liquid.


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