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Name:Cupping Set 18pcs with Silver Case
Cupping Set 18pcs with Silver Case


1. Excellent material, choose the finest "Zhanjiang chi mei" as the original material;

2. Quality assurance, Strict control to get 100% quality control and 100% inflatable test

3. Durable, strong earthquake, do not easily broke, anti extrusion capacity. Multiple use, no corrosion, no aging

4. Enclosed with scraping and scraping plate, to meet the needs of all the people.


Pistol gun:


Rubber suction connector:

Cup body:

Magnetic needle:

The principle of cupping kits:

The principle of cupping is conducted by pumping the vacuum cups to form the negative pressure inside the cups, which makes congestion of the local superficial tissues and promotes local vessels expanded and speedes up the blood circulation, so that the supply of the blood to the skin can be improved to enhance the vigour of the cells in skin deep and the permeability of vascular wall and phagocytic activity of hemocytes and local tolerance and organism's resistance to achieve the obejective of treatment.

The features of the products:

1. Structure is more advanced, rotary forming the vacuum, easier to adjust the size of stress,
The application of more simple and convenient to carry.

2. The cupping therapy integrated with cupping therapy, magnetic therapy according to
Traditional Chinese medicine therapy of YinYang and main and collateral channels, based
On the dialectic diagnosis of four diagnostic methods and eight guiding principle.

3. The cupping set can form into a negative pressure on local skin through the vacuum
Inside the cup to stimulate the acupoints on body surface and then transmit to the whole
Body to achieve the functions.

4. Adjusting the energy and blood, promoting blood circulation and dissipating blood stasis.

5. Reducing swelling and easing pain, eliminating the cold and removing dampness,
Eliminating toxicant and evacuating pus so as to enhance the human immunity and keep fit.

6. It cures the disease without taking medicine and the user can get rid of the side effect,
Essential healthcare product.


Cupping set is an innovated and improved product on the basis of the traditional cupping device by absorbing its advantages and discarding its disadvantages.

As compared with the traditional cupping set, it has many marked advantages as follows:

Traditional cupping set:
Generally made of glass or ceramics, easily broken and not convenient to carry;
Having burn easily during cupping;
The strength of negative pressure cannot be self-controlled;
The lumbar and back regions cannot be operated by one person; Cann't be sucked on specific sites; The cupping sites chosen cann't be easily grasped;
The operation method is single;
And painful sensation during withdrawing

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