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Name:Slimming belt
Slimming belt


The crazy slimming belt is a kind of high-tech fat dissolving product, which integrates microcomputer technology and traditional chiropratic massage therapy. It is the perfect complement for today's health life. You not only can use it at home, but even in the office. It can make you relax and comfortable that is good for you to keep physical and mental balance.


Comfortable slimming tummy trimmer belt
1. Vibrating massage belt
2. Mondial Slimming belt.
3. Fat reducing belt

1. Two motor sling fat massage belt
2. Lose weight, detoxifying, massage, keep fit, beautify waist, promoting digestion, carry buttock.
3. Three section connection, both practice and nice look
4. It designs accord the human engineering, bring you maximum healthy and comfortable
5. Automatic and manual operation massage modes, different time bucket for choice, very hommization.
6. Use different rate to enhance digestion, relieve belly disease.
7. To promote the blood circulation on contact point. Relive the muscle tired

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