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Name:Alkaline Water Stick
Alkaline Water Stick

Alkaline water stick/Healthy water stick
Model No. SWT-W02
Portable Alkaline water stick/ water ionizer

Material: Stainless Steel
Fill media: Tourmaline ceramic ball, Alkaline ball, ORP ceramic ll, FIR ceramic ball, Antibacterial ceramic ball, ect.

The Portable Water Stick can change any tap or bottled water into high
PH, antioxidant, micro-clustered, oxygenated alkaline drinking water

1. How does it works?

Tourmaline by the absorption of the body release the far infrared, negative ions, minerals, etc. To improve skin elasticity, promote blood circulation and metabolisom.
So as to achieve beauth, body, and treat some chronic effect
For FIR can make water Micro-Clustered, which it is easy to absorption by body
Alkaline ceramic ball, which can improve PH of water, which more healty to our body
Antibacterail ball, which can kill the bacteria of the water.
How to use it?

Place it in the water container and just add water.
Shake 15 seconds and in 10 minutes enjoy Hydrogen Rich water for health and vitality

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