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Name:Silklite Mini Tens Massager
Silklite Mini Tens Massager

Product introduction:
Modern people under the big pressure of the fast rhythm life, strong intensity work, lackness of sleep often faced backache, lumbago, leg fatigue, weakness, and also can not concentrate on something.
This is our called sub-health symptoms.
Here we developed a new TENS Massager with mini design. It is easy to carry when you go to work or travel.
During the traveling, you can put the air out for better carrying.
The electronic pulse massage will promote the blood circulation, it can effectively relieve the backache, lumbago, leg fatigue.
Thus it is good for health-care and relief. It is especially used for healthcare

Two adhensive pads can reach any place of your body by the same time which can enlarge the massge range.
8 kind of preset massage mode (Beating, massage automatically, kneading, pinching and hands, shoulder, belly, legs and other parts)
1.2 pads
2. Relax from shoulders fatigue
3. Function of massage
4. Recovery improve blood circulation
5. Reduce pain from muscle and nerve
6. Improve fat burn away

1. Fat burning and reduce weight
2. Improve blood circulation and metabolism, prolong tissue ageing
3. Activate skin cell, improve sebaceous gland exudation, smooth the skin and improve elasticity
4. Remove fatigue, release pressure and prevent flabby muscle
5. Bioelectricity impulse massager
6. Massage modes: Tapping, massaging, kneading, etc.

1. Speed & Strength: 10 levels
2. Accessories: 2 electrode pads & one connection line
3. Power: 3V (2 x AAA batteries)
4. Unit Size: (L)6.5cm × (W)6.2cm × (H)1.3cm
5. Unit Weight: 30.4g
6. Color: White
7. Package Type: Color printed box

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