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Name:Digital Therapy Machine
Digital Therapy Machine


Digital channel therapeutic instrument is a new generation of health product made in accordance with the principles of physics, bionics, electrobiology and the theories of traditional Chinese medicine after many years of clinical experiences and development. It has not only such six simulated functions that make you have the wonderful feelings of acupuncture and moxibustion, manipulation, massage, hammering impact, practice of cupping glass and Guasha, but the unique effect of treating high blood pressure.

1. Bioelectrical pulse conductivity, massage significant effect
2. Body massage acupuncture points to relieve fatigue
3. Burn fat, local slimming beauty
4. Promote local blood circulation, activate subcutaneous motor nerve
5. Alleviate the symptoms of frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis and other
6. Relieve stress, physical and mental pleasure
Beat, rub, pinch take 8 massage applications easily

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