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Name:Dual detox foot spa with belts
Dual detox foot spa with belts

1.Detox foot spa machine,Two biggest dual LCD displays (9cm x 4.5cm). It is unparalleled in global market.
2. Steel house of main machine. Beautiful looking. (Two Choices: Silver and Black).
3. Solid carrying case (Aluminum + black leather). Stronger and Luxurious.
4. Show current curved line on the screen.
6. Voltage: 110V-240V. Can be used in any country. Transformer is in side and voltage is automatic switched.

Technical Parameters
Voltage: 110/240 V
Power: 60 W
Current: 0.7-2.8 A
Color box: 40*26*14cm
Carton size:65*43*33.5cm( Kraft Carton )
N.W.: 5.5 KG
Packing Style: leather and aluminum case

Packing including
Main machine with double LCD Display:1PC
Array (10 coils) last 50-60 times:2PCS
New Infrared FIR Bamboo Charcoal Belt:2 PCS
Power cable:1pc
User Manual :1pc
Aluminum & black leather carrying case.:1PC
PH test kit:1PC
detox foot patches:2PCS

Operation:detoxified function:

1, put some water into the basin, put a little salt into it.

2, conect the machine with the power cord.

3, connectthe array with the machine and put it into the water.

4, connect the wristband with the machine and put it on your wrist.

5, turn on the device 6, set the working time(TIME button). 7, press ON/OFF to start the operation. 8, choose the working

Mode 9, . Stop automaticly when the setting is out(or press ON/OFF to stop)

The operation of the MP3

1, start the music function(PLAY/STOP)

2, stop the music play(PLAY/STOP button)

Remark: The detoxified function can be used with the waistband at the same time or used separatly

Why do people need detoxification?
In recent decades, as technology continues to progress on the prevalence and causes of aging,
The various doctrine, Russian biologist and physiologist won the Nobel Prize in Medicine Mechnikov
Body chronic poisoning theory considered: A variety of toxins within the human body lag caused by the
Human body chronic poisoning, this factor is the primary factor of human suffering from various
Diseases and premature aging.

What causes our body of toxic?
From Food: The metabolic processes of the human body at all times, fat, protein, sugar and other
Substances will produce metabolic waste. That food is digested to produce toxins. Food additives
And pesticide residues, and so is the source of the toxin. Favorite meat greasy food and even
Overeating. These tend to hinder the function of the digestive system, the body the normal toxin
Can not be eliminated from the body.
From the environment: Air pollution, electronic radiation, the living environment around the various
Types of chemicals, heavy metals, etc. Will be directly or indirectly, by breathing into the body to
Produce extremely harmful toxins on the human body.

Habits: Fast pace of modern city life, lack of exercise, not the law of life and so destroy the normal

Function of various organs and balance the body's own detoxification capacity decreased. Studies

Have shown that the accumulation of stress (Stress), it will lead to endocrine disorders, premature

Aging, disease and other conditions.

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