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Name:Detox foot spa with Silver case
Detox foot spa with Silver case



1.Remove the poisonous function
2.Remote infrared ray function
3.Ultra big liquid-crystal display(LCD)
4.Having 5 kinds of Remove the poisonous Pattern


Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Spa Working Principle:


Via Life Detoxify Health device, water is broken down into lots of energy ions(namely positive and negative ions).These active energy ions penetrate into human body via capillary bore and cell membrane and thus supply body with negative ions. After complex biochemical reaction the positive and negative ions in body release high energy, increase the vigor of cells and promote the all kinds of enzyme(ferment).

Package Including:
Ion Cleanse:1 pc
Ion array:1pc
Power source:1pc
Wrist Belt:1pc
Aluminum Box:1
Heating Belt:1pc
Colorful Box: 1 pc

Products Principle
1.Remove the poisonous function
2.Remote infrared ray function
3.big LCD
Main Feature
Voltage: 110V/220V
Rated Power: 60W
Current: 0.5—2.5A
Inner Package: aluminum box
Outer Package: ordinarily paper carton
Net Weight:  5.5KG/PC   22KG/4PCS
Package Dimension:  38CM * 33CM * 15CM (L*W*H)
Outer Package Dimension:  63CM * 39CM * 35CM
20’Set: 1300pcs


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